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This is the home site of the author and retired Osteopath John Bayliss.

John Bayliss’s theories on synergetic bio-mechanics have revolutionized Osteopathic thinking all over the world. John Bayliss originated and developed PPT manipulation.

PPT stands for Passive Patient Technique and is the name given to a variety of cutting  edge manipulative techniques that unwind osteopathic lesions rather than force them apart. PPT’s are unlike any other techniques that have gone before and are entirely original.

Working out the spinal mechanics and forces that create individual and synchronous sacroiliac and spinal articulation made it possible to understand what happens when these forces are misapplied. The results produced for the first time a genuine scientific understanding of how osteopathic lesions are created. PPT’s were then designed from the ground up to remove all the elements that create an osteopathic lesion.

Before John Bayliss’s synergetic theories, the bony locking  of an Osteopathic lesion was not properly understood.  Now that we know the exact spinal mechanism for how and why joints lock together so tightly that they create local tissue changes, Osteopaths have found themselves in a new enlightened era of knowledge. We truly have advanced osteopathic techniques for the future.

A giant step has been made in the Osteopathic professions understanding of how spinal joints articulate and work in harmony with each other.

Osteopaths used to be criticized for bone crunching and contorted patient positions, now those days are ebbing away. PPT’s are refined, safe and silent with no awkward patient positions. PPT’s are truly an advanced form of manipulation, that is why the latest book by J.R.Bayliss is called ‘Advanced Osteopathic Technique’.

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