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Synergetic spinal mechanics is the name given to a system of spinal articulation where the outcome is larger than the sum of its moving parts. With reference to the spine and sacroiliac joints it encompasses their mechanical harmonious liaison to create human movement.

John Bayliss

John Bayliss originated and developed synergetic….

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Function  Governs Function

The sacroiliac joints are cleverly designed...

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Rotation and side-bending to the same side.

This short clip shows the synergetic mechanism for how L3 rotates and side-bends to the right in lumbar extension. Lumbar extension is forward bending.

There is general confusion in the professions over what is meant by extension and flexion.

To flex is to bring two ends together, to extend is to move them apart. When a person bends forward the lumbar vertebrae extend.

When looking at an individual joint it is completely inaccurate to state that because the whole spine may be in a state of flexion that every single joint will be in a state flexion.

Past and uniformed thinking attributed the articulation of the sacroiliac and spinal joints solely to muscles. Even H. Fryette claimed muscles were the driving force. Most of the medical profession still think muscles are the prime driving force for spinal articulation, hence their over evaluation and bolstering of muscle based therapies.

With our new knowledge of synergetic spinal mechanics, we can now categorically say muscles are not the sole driving force.

Muscles are not the sole driving force for spinal articulation

From: DVD spinal mechanics and Bony Locking for Health professionals

Synergetic Spinal Bio-Mechanics