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PPT’s are the most advanced form of manipulation available today

PPT’s are unequivocally the most efficient, refined and advanced techniques available today.

With PPT’s (Passive Patient Technique) you can genuinely manipulate 99.5% of the spinal and peripheral joints in the human without a click or trauma. Patients are placed in a comfortable position which considerably reduces all the pre-manipulative stress associated with HVT’s. Both the patient and practitioner benefit from a relaxed starting point. The PPT manipulations themselves are extremely gentle.


Osteopathic Technique

The term osteopathic technique is the name given to the manipulative procedures Osteopaths use to click the joints of their patients. Since the early days in the late 19th century when  classical techniques were discovered little progress has been made in advancing these procedures.  Now, with the advancements made in synergetic spinal mechanics we have a new set of genuinely advanced techniques called PPT’s. PPT’s  work on an entirely different principle to classical techniques and used correctly, they routinely provide above average results. PPT’s are set to change the way modern osteopaths treat.


Advanced Osteopathic Technique  Revised and updated August 2014

This new DVD shows all the advancements made in PPT manipulation. The previous PPT DVD showed how to work on the convexity, whereas this DVD shows how to work on the concavity. Both are valid. However working on the concavity creates a more positive feel and makes your manipulations generally easier to perform.

The DVD itself approximately is 40 minutes long and covers the theory and principles of PPT’s manipulation and the techniques themselves. Like synergetic bio-mechanics, PPT’s are at the cutting edge of osteopathic evolution.

Included in this DVD  are instructions on how to manipulate the neck safely, efficiently and with no click or force. The head is kept in the midline with no rotation or side-bending. Most patients hardly now they have been manipulated. This is a huge breakthrough as most patients dread having their neck manipulated using the old and cumbersome HVT/ LVT ‘classical’ and ‘classical advanced’ techniques.

Another first shown in this DVD is  the chapter on how to correct the pelvic alignment. Most Osteopaths and Chiropractors manipulate the sacroiliac joints routinely and assume that they are correcting their patients pelvic alignment but in most cases they are not. To get the very best results out of your sacroiliac manipulations the pelvis must be aligned beforehand.  An aligned pelvis makes a huge difference to body symmetry and joint mobility.

What is the difference between PPT’s and classical/classical advanced techniques

PPT’s work in an entirely different way to ‘classical’ and ‘classical advanced’ techniques. The old ‘classical’ and their ‘advanced refinements’ work by placing the practitioner and patient in uncomfortable stretched positions to tighten the lesioned joint and its surrounding  joints to their absolute maximum. The joint is then wrenched apart. This creates trauma to the joint and produces an audible loud click. These kind of osteopathic techniques are crude.

PPT’s work by reversing all the forces and tension in the lesioned joint and the joints surrounding. In doing this the forces that created the osteopathic lesion are easily reversed.  The lesioned joint slips back into place with minimal effort and trauma with no click. They represent osteopathic technique at its very best.


Because PPT’s are so powerful great care has to be taken to diagnose the lesion pattern correctly. The PPT DVD explains  a set of techniques you can use to get a correct diagnosis.

For any  student or practitioner Osteopath who wants to  genuinely advance their knowledge of manipulation, this DVD is a must have. You can mimic the techniques shown on the DVD and get good results. But if you learn and understand the principles of synergetic bio-mechanics and the forces that create bony locking as well, you will get truly professional results.

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DVD: Advanced Osteopathic Technique by John Bayliss - Narrated by Lindsey Gleeson - and filmed by Peter O'Toole