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John Bayliss Osteopath and Author

John Bayliss is the Osteopath who originated and developed synergetic spinal mechanics and Passive Patient Technique.

His journey into synergetic spinal mechanics began back in 2004 after he had attended a CPD (continuing professional development) meeting with some of his experienced Osteopathic colleagues. The subject got around to what the old Osteopaths called complicated lesions and when he tried to explain what they were, there were some blank faces.

John spoke a day or two later in passing to his friend Peter O’ Toole who is an experienced sound and video engineer about the problem he had had in explaining what a complicated lesion was.

Peter then Kindly offered to film the lesion so John could show it to his osteopathic colleagues.  So John went round to Peter’s house and they began filming. Not only was it impossible to film how a complicated lesion was produced, they could not even film a basic lumbar articulation. The spine kept locking.

This prompted John to go home and start playing with his plastic spine to find out why it had been impossible to film but he could not find an answer. One thing led to another and John started looking at how the spine needed to articulate to be shown on film. Common sense dictated that before looking at the lumbar joints he had to look at the sacroiliac articulation and its part in spinal articulation. Working with a plastic spine though was hopeless as it did not have any natural articulation, more than that, it hindered articulation. So to get over the problem he took the spine apart and looked at each and every joint singularly.

He dismissed the semi-dislocation sacroiliac theories as they made no logical sense and worked out how the sacroiliac joints would work  if the joints were applied to real world movements and how such an articulation would fit in with spinal articulation. That was relatively easy to work out. At the time John felt his greatest achievement was not in discovering how the sacroiliac joints truly articulate but how its articulation integrated with L1.


L1 was a beast to understand but due to its importance John managed to solve its mystery. Every time he looked at a new joint,  he would think it had been designed by committee but when he worked out how that joint worked he was amazed; because not only would that joint do the obvious, it would produce or allow for several other functions. John found the spine to be an amazing feat in engineering.

Once John understood the forces that created spinal articulation he then worked out what would happen if these same forces were misapplied. The result was a true understanding of the bony locking that takes place within an osteopathic lesion. This was a huge step forward for the Osteopathic profession.

With Peter O’ Toole behind the camera and Lindsey Gleeson on narration, the film ‘Spinal Mechanics and Bony Locking’ was made.

After this DVD John used the knowledge he had gained and worked out an entirely new type of manipulation that would reverse engineer osteopathic lesions throughout the body; and that was the birth of PPT manipulation.


Since then John has written three books each showing the subject of synergetic spinal mechanics and PPT manipulation evolving. His latest book ‘Advanced Osteopathic Manipulation’  brings the subject up to date.


 Lindsey Gleeson

Peter O'Toole the man behind the camera and microphone who makes sure the DVD quality is professional.

Peter O’Toole

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John Bayliss Osteopath

Lindsey Gleeson who narrates the DVD's